...all with the power of one great explainer video.


In just 60 seconds, what if you could…


Engage your audience without having to let them read a thousand-word article?


Get their attention and convince them to click that ‘buy now’ button right away?


Gain their trust quickly and convert them into your most loyal customers?

Finally, here comes a way to explain
concepts, convince buyers, and share your

All it takes is one heck of an explainer video.


The explainer video experts.

What can Snappy Sales Video do for you?


Skyrocket Your Business Sales


Expand and Grow Your Business


Develop a Bond of Trust


Boost Search Engine Results


Grab Your Consumers Attention


Become a Market Leader


Experts in 2d & 3d Animation


Multiple Animation Voice Over


Because it matters how you tell it.

Do any of these sound like you?


You have a product or service that you want to sell, but explaining it can leave your customers scratching their heads in confusion?


Your website traffic is doing well, but you just can’t seem to convert viewers into buyers?


You wish there was an easy way to let your customers understand exactly why they NEED your offer?


You are having trouble explaining the complexities of your business — and it’s starting to cost you money?

If you found yourself relating to any of those
statements, then you’re in the right place.

You’re here because you have a message
that you want to share with the world.


The question is: how are YOU gonna tell it?

You’ve probably heard of the amazing power of using video. If you haven’t, here’s what the facts are saying:

Video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%.

People who use video grow revenue 49% faster than those who don’t.

6 out of every 10 consumers buy after watching branded social videos.

Video attracts 3 times more monthly visitors to your page.

9 out of every 10 shoppers said that videos help them arrive at a decision to buy something online.

Videos give people an experience that
words and pictures never can.

BUT there’s a catch...

Not all videos are created equal.

Have you ever fallen asleep while watching a

boring movie?

Well, that goes to show that not all videos are great.
The same thing goes for explainer videos.
Most explainer videos out there either put you to sleep, some make you wish there was a 20x speed button, or just leave you more confused than ever.

Which leads us to the truth…

You can spend a lot of effort conceptualizing, crafting your script, and spend a ton of money but still get ZERO results from your video.

So why are we telling you this?


You NEVER have to deal with boring, watered-down,
and confusing explainer videos ever again.

All you need to do is leave it
to the EXPERTS

...and the great news is — you’ve found us!

The Team


SNAPPY VIDEOS [snap-ee], noun

Definition: refers to videos that take the most complex
concepts and turn them into something that’s
compelling, easy-to-understand, and highly engaging.

We create videos that…


Keep your viewer’s eyes glued to the screen till’ the last second


Creates conversations without complications


Compels people to click that Buy Now button without hesitation


Gets you and your company remembered for your message.

How do we do it?

It’s not rocket science,
it’s snappy science.

There’s a science behind one effective explainer video

We’ve spent countless hours perfecting our craft.
We’ve tested out hundreds of scripts , worked with
the best video animators, and created a team of
video experts.

Since 2014, we have done nothing but master the
techniques and skills in creating powerful, engaging
explainer videos.

You have ONLY 8 SECONDS to attract your website browser’s attention

If your web browsers are crystal clear about your offer and hence make a better connection to your brand, you can enjoy both better conversion and sales!

Now is definitely the right time for your business to think about using an explainer video as part of your overall marketing strategy. It will allow you to keep up with the competition and create a favourable impression among your clients.

Who we are and what we do?

All of our work has these three strong foundations:



we make sure your videos have well-written scripts that
spark interest and keep the flow of the whole message
from start until the end.


instead of just explaining what makes your offer great, our
videos focus on making it an enjoyable experience for your


our videos are engaging and never boring. We make it easy
for the viewers to immediately understand your message
completely, never wasting their time.

Here's our snappy promise:



Use generic boring scripts.


Use digitally-generated robotic voiceover services.


Use animation bots.


Charge hidden fees.


Deliver videos that are less than the best.

Meet the man behind all these
Snappy Sales Videos.


Hi, I’m Gary Mason.

I help entrepreneurs and business professionals say what they need to say, the snappy way.

My core belief is simple: If businesses have a clear message, they can communicate better, thus helping more people improve their lives.

Without a doubt, video is still the best way to share information and share a message with the world. With my background in sales and psychology, I started creating explainer videos in a way that’s fun, engaging, and most of all, compelling.

I’ve been making quality explainer videos since 2015 and have grown my team of video specialists since. We continue to create the snappiest videos that make our clients the happiest.

One-Minute video...

Dr. James Mcquivey of Forrester Research reveals that a one-minute video is worth up to 1.8 million words...

What are the other benefits of having promotional video production integrated in your website?

It is like having your very own personal salesman available round-the-clock,

24 hours a day, 7 days a week…

Once a visitor lands on your website, the video will explain what you can offer to them.

Just how your own company representative

would promote your products and services to prospects.

You can come up with stimulating content that will make viewers take a favourable action!

YouTube is owned by Google.

Therefore, if you have a sales video for business in YouTube, embedded on your website, there is a higher chance that you will have better search engine rankings. This will include the likelihood of appearing on the front page of Google by as much as 53 times!

Now, let me ask you just a couple more questions…

Do you find it hard to express your ideas in a manner that is concise, effective, and clear?
Do you feel like you have been wasting your money paying online marketers without achieving the desired outcomes?

This is where we enter the picture. We want to offer you the help of experienced script writers and animation professionals. We want to work with you to make a video that perfectly tells your story in communication with your target audience.

Don’t take our word for it, take it from
the world’s leading entrepreneurs.

Wanna see how de we do it?

Check out our portfolio of successful explainer videos

“[Gary] really understood what we were trying to achieve and translated that into a great storyboard”

“Loss Recovery insurance can be complex to explain butworking with Gary and his team, we have produced an easy to understand video that our customers love!

Have a peek at the future.

Here’s how snappy sales videos work.

Take a look at our unique process that ensures you get the best quality custom videos. Never generic, never boring, always snappy.

Once you click the ‘I’m ready’ button, you will see a form that you can
fill in with your details.

After sending in your response, our customer specialist will get back
to you asap with a quote based on exactly what you want.

Once your order is confirmed, we’ll get to know you and come up
with the best possible video strategy for your business

Our team of expert wordsmiths will come up with a compelling video
script designed to keep your audience hooked.

Once the script is finished, our animators, graphic designers,
voice-over, and editors will get to work like a fine orchestra creating
one amazing masterpiece.

Voila! Your custom explainer video is sent straight to your inbox,
fresh. What’s more, you get two rounds of revisions for free — so you
get what you want.

Once I make an order, how does this all work?

Step 1

You fill in our

Step 2

We write
your script

Step 3

and Music

Step 4

We animate
your movie

Step 5

Your explainer
video is delivered

Step 1

You fill in our

We will send you over a Questionnaire via email. This will only take you about 10 minutes to fill out. It will give us everything we need to create the script and structure for your service, the backbone of the movie if you will.

We find out:

– Your customer group
– Your goals
– The company’s graphical profile
– What kind of graphics & animation you like
– The core of your product or service.

Step 2

We write
your script

Based on the brief and our discussions, our scriptwriters make a concept and write your script.

We usually follow a proven formula *:

– Capture attention
– Define problem
– Offer a solution
– Show proof
– Call to action.

Step 3

and Music

We will then use one of our professional voice over artists to read out the script. The voice over will be recorded in a high quality WAV file and made in a professional recording studio to ensure your service and brand is delivered in a potent way. It’s not what you say but how you say it.

Step 4

We animate
your movie

When all parts are complete, we put it all together by animating the movie. Our 2D experts make sure everything is timed with music, sound effects and storytelling to finally present your movie.

We go back and forth with feedback until
you are 100% happy with your movie.

Step 5

Your explainer
video is delivered

We will then use one of our professional voice over artists
to read out the script. The voice over will be recorded in a
high quality WAV file and made in a professional recording
studio to ensure your service and brand is delivered in a
potent way. It’s not what you say but how you say it.


What our clients are saying...

“I had an incredible experience with Gary and his team at Snappy Sales Video. The quality of work they produce really gave my business that step up in terms of engagement and professionalism. I recommend Gary to anyone wanting to increase conversions and sales.”

Llyod Coenan, Director @ YourVeed


“Snappy Sales Videos are a breath of fresh air and make corporate video content so much more engaging than some of the boring people in suits talking to camera being churned out now that video is so much more accessible. They are creative, responsive, great to work with and produce an end result to be proud of.”

David owens, Head of Marketing @ Vail Williams LLP

Vail Williams LLP

“I knew Snappy Sales Video was going to build me a great video after seeing their previous work and what the power of video can do for your marketing. Our audience just wasn't converting into buying clients as much as we wanted before we had video on our site. We have definitely noticed a difference in engagement now and the time people spend on our site, and video was the only thing we changed! I believe by continuing to use video marketing in our business it is going to make a big change to conversions and how clients interact with our site. I would say to anyone that is on the fence about using video is to go for it! You are losing out on too many customers by not having video somewhere in your marketing arsenal.”

Adrian Landsberg, CEO @ Infographic Edge

Infographic Edge

“Gary at Snappy Sales Video was fantastic to work with from start to finish when it came to producing an animated video for our site. He is very personable and was really open to catering to our wishes for the video and his communication throughout the whole process was top notch! The finished video was of a very high standard and met our requirements perfectly - we would recommend Gary to any other businesses looking to improve their websites and advertising.”

James Atrill, Founding Partner @ Cash The Bonus

Cash The Bonus


To prove that we are committed to your
satisfaction, we’re providing you with as
many revisions you need to be happy.
On the rare occasion that you’re not
satisfied with our work, we’ll give you
back your money. No-fuss. No hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

As long as you have customers/clients who are asking you questions —especially those that require hundreds of words to answer — you definitely need a snappy explainer video.

We don’t believe that videos are a one-size-fits-all, we always make custom videos for each client. The final price will depend on exactly what your needs are. We never prescribe you anything you don’t need. So, if you have an idea for a video you want to create, just contact us and we’ll get back to you asap.

Just because you water a plant, doesn’t mean it’s always going to grow, right? There are many other factors involved in growing a plant. That’s the same thing with having a good explainer video. There are many other factors that contribute to making a sale. So, we cannot entirely guarantee your sales will skyrocket. But one thing is for certain though — having an explainer video will definitely help your chances.

We understand that every business is unique and we want each video we create to uphold that. So, we design each explainer deliberately depending on your goals. Everything from the tone, scriptwriting, length of the video, and even the voice of the speaker makes a TON of difference in the result.

You could — and there’s absolutely nothing that’s stopping you from doing that. But remember, you always get what you pay for.

The use of video creation software is definitely an option if you’re confident about your writing, animating, and editing skills. It can take you hours, even days to complete a video that may end up doing you more harm than good. So, if you’d rather focus your time on letting your business grow, doing it yourself isn’t the best option.

This largely depends on what business you’re in and what your objectives are. Get in touch with us and we’ll let you know asap.

Most definitely! We can provide voice-overs from multiple different languages so you can target any market globally! We have done this for many clients.

Remember that you’re backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. In the rare case that you are still not satisfied with your video after 2 rounds of revisions, we will happily refund your payment in full. That goes to show our commitment towards providing you with nothing less than the best quality explainer videos.

You’ve made a very wise decision. You can get started by clicking the button below! Talk to you soon.

Now that you’ve seen the power of a
Snappy Sales Video — what’s it gonna be?
Are you an action-taker… or someone who
misses opportunity?