How to get an explainer video that will BOOST your audience!

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Bluecrest Screening
lCraig Wilmott

Craig Wilmott

Head of Marketing at Bluecrest Screening
"It was great working with Gary and his team. He really understood what we were trying to achieve and translated that into a great storyboard that was brought to life with the final production. We'll be using Snappy Sales in future."
Finetune Digital
Charlie Travers

Charlie Travers

CEO of Finetune Digital
"We had a lot of clients telling us how great our video is and it was the reason why some of our clients contacted us in the first place. Hats off to the guys there, they have done an awesome job."

Johnny Graham

CEO of Chipex
"Thank you for a first class video and all the editing so as to perfect it to the precise detail we required. The multiple voice overs for our international sites were also very good. A well finished product!"

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Skyrocket Your Business Sales

Expand and Grow Your Business

Develop Bond of Trust between Your Brand and Consumer

Boost Search Engine Results for Your Business

A Snappy Sales Video Will Grab Your Consumers Attention and Make Them Listen To Your Message

Become a Market Leader and Make Your Cash Register Ring

Experts in 2d & 3d Animation, Whiteboard and Explainer Videos for Personal or Corporate Usage.  We Offer Script, Voice Over and Full Video Animation.

Multiple Animation Voice Over Including English, French and Spanish

The Amazing Secret That Helps 96% Of
Consumers Make
Online Purchase Decisions!

Hello there, my friend!

Are you struggling to maintain dominance and clarity for your business in the online world?
With thousands of other websites, how can you gain an edge above the competition?

Well…. we might have the solution that you need.

Maybe your website is filled with too many words & unnecessary lengthy sentences? Just remember the last time you were on a similar website, what were your thoughts and reactions to it?
According to hubspot you have ONLY 8 seconds to attract your web browser’s attention!
At such short attention span, if people visiting your website do not like what they are seeing...
They will leave and never come back!

If your web browsers are crystal clear about your offer and hence make a better
connection to your brand, you can enjoy both better conversion and sales!

Now is definitely the right time for your business to think about using an explainer video
as part of your overall marketing strategy. It will allow you to keep up with the
competition and create a favourable impression among your clients.


Dr. James Mcquivey of Forrester Research reveals that a
one-minute video is worth up to 1.8 million words...
That is equal to about 3,600 web pages!

According to Forbes, 59%
play-icon-imgexecutives prefer watching videos rather than reading texts
Insivia informs that 96%Consumers will use videos to make purchase decisionscart-icon-img
A survey data from Cisco shows that by 2017 69%of internet traffic will be all aboutonline videos

What are the other benefits of having promotional video production integrated in your website?

It is like having your very own personal salesman available round-the-clock,

24 hours a day, 7 days a week..

Once a visitor lands on your website, the video will explain what you can offer to them.
Just how your own company representative would promote your products and services to prospects.
You can come up with stimulating content that will make viewers take a favourable action!
YouTube is owned by Google.

Therefore, if you have a sales video for business in YouTube,
embedded on your website, there is a higher chance that you will have better
search engine rankings. This will include the likelihood of appearing on the
front page of Google by as much as 53 times!


Do you find it hard to express your ideas in a manner that is concise, effective, and clear?


Do you feel like you have been wasting your money paying online marketers without achieving the desired outcomes?

This is where we enter the picture. We want to offer you the help
of experienced script writers and animation professionals.
We want to work with you to make a video that perfectly tells
your story in communication with your target audience.

Simply click on the red button below to get in touch with us..

Once I make an order, how does this all work?


Step # 1.) You fill in our Questionnaire

We will send you over a Questionnaire via email. This will only take you about 10 minutes to fill out. It will give us everything we need to create the script and structure for your service, the backbone of the movie if you will.

We find out:

- Your customer group
- Your goals
- The company's graphical profile
- What kind of graphics & animation you like
- The core of your product or service.


Step # 2.) We write your script

Based on the brief and our discussions, our scriptwriters make a concept and write your script.

We usually follow a proven formula *:

- Capture attention
- Define problem
- Offer a solution
- Show proof
- Call to action.


Step # 3.) Voiceover and Music

We will then use one of our professional voice over artists to read out the script. The voice over will be recorded in a high quality WAV file and made in a professional recording studio to ensure your service and brand is delivered in a potent way. It's not what you say but how you say it.


Step # 4.) We animate your movie

When all parts are complete, we put it all together by animating the movie. Our 2D experts make sure everything is timed with music, sound effects and storytelling to finally present your movie.

We go back and forth with feedback until you are 100% happy with your movie.


Step # 5.) Your explainer video is delivered

Your movie is delivered in 1080p HD quality. You own the movie and can now use it on your website, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Also you can use it in presentations such as sales meetings or a conference.

Delivery time from 3 weeks. This really depends on how fast you are with feedback. If you are really fast, your video can be completed within 3 weeks.

For best results, cooperation is required. We will never move on to the next step in the project until you are satisfied. This makes you very well aware of what to expect at all stages.