How can we help?

What happens when we get in touch? How much is a video? We answer this in the video below…

How do I get in touch? What happens in the process?

Its very simple, all you have to do is click on a time and a date that works for you in the calendar above and we will get in touch with you at the exact time.  We will call you on via phone. 

We will also send a reminder 24 hours before, and one hour before the call as it’s easy to forget about these things.  If you have google calendar it will also ping you a reminder.

I am worried that you guys are just going to hammer me into a sale! Can’t I just get a price sent to me?

I can totally understand this concern.  I can picture you thinking of a character like Jordan Belfort (from the wolf of wall street) calling you up and hammering you with some slick sales tactics and committing you to a sale. 

We are absolutely against this in any way, shape or form!

The aim of the call is purely to see if we will be a good fit.  At the end of the day, I am sure the most important thing for you is working with a company you can trust, has credibility and can actually do the job they say they can do.

The call just involves us asking you a few basic questions about your project and seeing if we can actually help.  Most importantly it’s about building trust on both sides as we also have to make sure we are working with the right people, we don’t just accept any clients!

The call usually lasts 20-30 mins on average, it does not involve selling, its purely question and answer.

What is the pricing for an explainer video?

Pricing varies.  It depends on how long the animation is and what style the animation is. 

A recent study was done by Wyowl after surveying around 200 explainer video companies and…

Explainer video companies average between $700 per minute to a whopping $72,000 per minute of animation!

So the average explainer video cost in the industry is around $5000 for 60 seconds.

Snappy Sales video pricing range is like this…

Budget videos (great for startup and smaller companies)in the price range of $500 per minute

The reason for this is because the time it takes to produce these videos is a very quick turnaround time ( can be as quick as two weeks from the start of the process)

The animations are template based drag and drop system.  They look good, do a great job of explaining the service and are very good value for money.

Cons – You are limited to how the animation looks.  We work based off templates we have in our library.  If you want custom made scenes looking a specific way because of an idea based in your head for how the animation should look then this is not the option for you.

Pros – Quick turnaround time, effective! They still look good and are very affordable for most businesses.

Mid-range ( Great for small and medium companies)

Pricing – $1500-3000 per minute.

This style of animation is great value for money as this is where the animations are now in the custom made range.  We make a storyboard for this so you can give feedback on exactly how you want the animation to look.  You are essentially moulding the animation into your own story, it will come out looking like a vision based in your head of how it should look and best of all it is a custom made and unique animation.

Pros – Custom made, can mould the animation to how you want it to look.  It will be unique and tailor-made.  Look awesome on your homepage, great to share on social media and advertising.

Cons – Can be pricey for some companies, even if the animation does look good it doesn’t cover the smaller details a premium animation would cover.  Can take 4-6 weeks so not good on a deadline.

Premium animation ( Great for large companies)

Pricing – 5000$+ per minute

Premium animations are of superior quality.  It’s not just about being custom made and illustrated.  Premium animations take into account all the finer, smaller details.  It’s what all the big tech companies use to deliver a powerful message visually.  This is an option to use if you want to use the best of the best and take your branding to the next level.  If you want to make a statement in a presentation or present yourself as the leaders in your industry then this is a great option.

Pros – Stunning visual imagery to get your message across in a powerful way.  Amazing for branding, sharing on social media and building authority. Give people that wow factor at industry shows and presentations. 

Cons – Expensive for most people.  Takes longer to make as there is so much detail that goes into it ( not good for quick deadline)



Want to know a little secret?

Let me be honest, an explainer video is certainly not a magic bullet that will solve all your marketing problems for your site.  There are many other factors that go into having a website that is built for conversions and branding.  You get can check out these other elements in my FREE ebook.

Here is the secret…

The script is the most important aspect of the explainer video.  You can arguably have a poor explainer video but with a great script, it can be very effective! Vice versa, you can have a Hollywood style visual, impeccable animation but…

With a bad script, the video will be ineffective.  We want to help you avoid this mistake.  That’s why we have a specific formula we use with all our clients to help them get a message out in a simple clear way and a strong call to action at the end to leave viewers with a clear picture of what your service does.

What are you waiting for? book a date in the calendar and we will be in touch to see how we can help you out!