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Snappy Sales Video are a premium, animated explainer video company based in sunny Brighton UK. The owner Gary Mason has a background in sales and marketing spanning over many years.

Who are we?

Gary started the company in 2014 with an appetite to provide value for businesses that desperately need a visual experience to bring clarity to the service and unique selling point they are offering.   Snappy Sales Video uses the best talent in animated video production to make sure we get you a stunning looking video, that communicates clearly, what it is that you are offering to your clients.

All animators at Snappy Sales Video go through a strict vetting process of quality control, so we can bring you the best version of an animation that fits your needs.

We are specialists in 2D explainer videos & Whiteboard (hand drawn style videos).

We have different style animations to suit all budgets, whether you’re a small startup or a huge corporation who needs a superior animation to stand out from your competition, Snappy Sales Video sole aim is to focus on the best customer service by listening to your needs and then providing a video that actually solves your problem.

Snappy Sales Video also specialise in infographics, copywriting, professional script writing and competent studio quality voice over services.

What do Snappy
Sales Video do?

We make exceptional video animations for small to big corporations by using the finest talent available.  We have a team of professional native based script-writers who will use a perfect script writing formula.  The script will be the base of your animation, like roots on a tree or building foundations, we make sure that its solid!

The most important thing is that you can get your message across to your client in a very clear, simple and direct way.  We believe your business should be packaged in a way that anyone can understand!

How do we do what we do, so well?




Script Writing Process


Voice Over



Our team has done these hundreds and hundreds of times! We have a fool-proof system that is geared towards listening to the exact problem your company has and finding a solution that allows your clients to connect with your brand.

With a short, snappy, empowering visual explainer video, you can show your clients exactly how your service will benefit them.  We make sure all video’s pack a strong call to action at the end. Whether it’s to purchase your product or simply to get them to contact you for more information, you decide the purpose!

The explainer video will be perfectly tailored to your branding, fitting perfectly onto your website, like furniture in your home.

We are so experienced at doing this, it is our straightforward bread and butter system, that works every… single time…

We always work closely with each client before we go to the next step to ensure that both camps are 100% happy, every single step of the way.  This way we can iron out the small details and execute!

Why do we do?
What we do?

Our mission is about fantastic customer service and interaction.  We want all our clients to tell their friends about us, so our sole aim is quality and a great experience.

We want to be able to provide a solution to your needs.  A video for your service does exactly that…it solves a huge problem!  How much is that worth to you?

The difference between a site with an explainer video and one with no video can be the difference between them staying on your website or clicking away…forever…

Truth is videos are essential these days.  Even if there are a majority of people who like to read the text (like yourself) you will be missing out on a HUGE market of people who get influenced by visual cues and perception, it could be enough to sway their decision.

I look on most websites and believe that they can benefit greatly from having an explainer video.  Most people on a landing page struggle to understand what most businesses ‘actually’ do.  I am sure you have been on a website and asked:

“ If only there was a short video that could explain how this actually works?”  

Or if I am being honest you asked…

“ What does this business do?”

It can be confusing to people not in your industry who do not understand the technical terms…

This is where
we step in...

We do what we do because we believe in providing real value and real results for our clients.  Having a video nowadays is easily one of THE most POTENT conversion elements you can have, especially when done right with all the other essential details of persuasion.

Our mission is to help you explain your business in a plain and simple way anyone can understand, and the icing on the cake is getting people to take a call to action at the end after watching your video with a lasting impression of your brand.


What are you waiting for? Do you want to get ahead of your competition?

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Gary Mason - FOUNDER