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With everything going online and so many websites coming up, the most common problem people facing these days is how to drive traffic to your website. Even if you got people to your website, how to convert them into orders. Gary Mason in his free eBook titled '7 elements you website must have, to skyrocket your conversions right now', has elegantly summed up a lot of points into 7 basic elements and trust me, if you follow these, there is nothing that will stop your conversion to reach new zenith.


This book can really help you in knowing the tiny details that you would not believe would have an effect on the conversions but it does. Take for example headings, Gary will tell you just how to make your first impression with a simple but compelling heading. The 7 elements that has been covered in this book are attention grabbing headline, your Call To Action (CTA), benefits of a long sale copy, how many links to keep, adding testimonials, trust elements and sales video.


With increasing number of websites and everybody trying to make money out of it, you can get ahead of your competitors by just following these basic tips. Without spending much of your money on promoting your call to action, incorporating the tips given by Gary Mason will not only generate leads but will give you a high conversion rate.


For the young startups out there, it is like a rat race; everybody spending huge amount of money on SEOs, while forgetting the basic things to incorporate in your website. They can get a head start by following these simple tips mentioned in the book, that too without spending a dime as this has been made available free of cost to everybody. This eBook brings so many basic things to the attention of the marketers out there who have been spending huge funds on marketing while turning a blind eye to the core of the marketing. Thanks to Gary Mason for making it available free.

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