How To Assemble A Shnazzy Video Landing Page That Works!

How To Assemble A Shnazzy Video Landing Page That Works!

Did anyone ever tell you that using an explainer video on your landing page is the way to go?

Sounds easy, but let me tell you that it takes more than just putting any old video on any ordinary landing page.

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When it comes to video, there are a whole bunch of DO’s and DON’T’S . . . Especially when you showcase it on the page where your potential customers land.

Let’s say The Queen was coming over; she wouldn’t want to sit on your couch and snack on peanuts like a monkey!


There are certain lengths you must take to impress.

The point is, you need to know who is coming to your page as to understand how to make them comfortable.

Let me demonstrate the importance of attracting and keeping visitors on your landing page using . . . (drumroll please) . . .


Here we discuss 3 key elements of using a video on a landing page:

How To Assemble A Shnazzy Video Landing Page That Works!

Unlock the mystical secrets to skyrocketing your conversion rate!

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Allow me to explain . . . (I’ll be snappy)

How To Assemble A Shnazzy Video Landing Page That Works!

How To Assemble A Shnazzy Video Landing Page That Works!

If you knew someone was coming, you’d be prepared. You wouldn’t just ‘wing it.’

In this case, every last detail should be pre-considered, DOWN TO A T.

Forgetting the reception for The Queen? That simply wouldn’t cut the mustard, would it?


First and foremost: a landing page that uses video also needs a suitable host.

You have a couple of choices to help nail it:


If you want a PRO to do the job, you could use a ‘Landing Page Builder’ like LeadPages or Unbounce.


(Sometimes if you want something done right . . . )


Self-hosting via WordPress gives you the opportunity to build the perfect landing page using your own theme. For assistance, builders like Thrive which are integrated offer a range of templates OR the ability to create one!

Remember! Knowing your guest is vital. Likewise, a professional video needs to be just that professional. Here are some more points to consider:

How To Assemble A Shnazzy Video Landing Page That Works!

Your platform host is sorted, and now it’s time to apply landing page content.

CODE WORD: Integration.

A snappy checklist:


Is the page telling the same story as the video?


Can the visitor easily respond to the call-to-action?


Do you provide JUST enough extra info to push a ‘slow responder’ over the edge?


Is the overall design shnazzy enough to suit expectations of modern web traffic?

Check out this example!

Let’s see:

Video meets landing page = Match made in heaven

A snappy video explaining exactly what it’s all about
Describes the purpose
Demonstrates the benefits

Page Perfect = check Check

Everything is above the fold.
Below is a short blurb with compelling copy and the all-important CTA.
Scrolling down provides MORE COPY & SOCIAL PROOF.
The whole thing is legitimate & focuses on converting guests.

Remember! DO NOT treat this page like one from your website.

Your goal is to make visitors TELL YOU “YES!” (or no)

How To Assemble A Shnazzy Video Landing Page That Works!

Now for the good stuff.

Imagine a nice warm pot of tea full of flavour, essence and with great taste would be most ideal.

Your video landing page should reflect the same concept.

When you combine all elements, your video is the icing on the cake.

So ensure you add the details that make potential customers stick around.

How To Assemble A Shnazzy Video Landing Page That Works!

Structure, Style & Consistency

Establish your flow, pick a theme and stick to it including colours (if you can).


From everything leading to the video to the actual video itself!

TIP: Introduce visitors to your video with exactly why they came, in the first few seconds.

Snappy are experts in creating explainer videos that guarantee to help you get this right.

Trigger Emotion

Use a story.

It is the best way for people to feel and therefore, make a snappy decision.

Think about it! If you can relate you are compelled to act.

Read “ 10 Practical Tips To Inspire Content Conversion “  for more.

Make It Snappy!

Figure out your purpose and create a video that makes visitors want to convert instantly!

TIP: Just think of ONE THING you want from your potential customers, DO NOT confuse matters by asking too much. Clearly state your CTA and make it accessible from all angles!

The team at snappy help you to inform viewers as well as tell them how to respond in less than 60 seconds!


Video content needs to look good and do the job it’s supposed to, i.e., send a clear message.

Make sure you have a decent video player if you want to stand out.

Video Player: Presentation is key.
YouTube is the biggest site to host videos, find a player that best represents your business!

Thumbnail: The image everyone sees before watching your video.
Consider this, even if the video auto-plays, to help initiate the story. Create or choose a picture that entices people to hit the play button.

Placement: Video doesn’t work if you just plonk it anywhere!
Carefully pop the video above the fold so that viewers see the whole thing on the loaded page.

Remember! DO NOT just slam any old marketing video on there THIS DOES NOT WORK.

Snappy will help you create a professional video, 100% related to your product or service while exciting your prospects.

How To Assemble A Shnazzy Video Landing Page That Works!

At this point, you can see the importance of all the aspects mentioned – so much so that you can ensure that you have everything DOWN TO A T – from start to finish. If you haven’t thought of all the little details, get to it!

Otherwise, let snappy help. We guarantee success and satisfy your conversion goals!

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