10 Practical Tips to Inspire Content Conversion

10 Practical Tips to Inspire Content Conversion

When it comes to content marketing, you need to balance between managing “content” and “marketing”. It’s similar to walking on a tightrope because leaning too much on one side means that the other side will be neglected in the process.

Generally, content marketing should be subtle because any direct reference to selling often turns off buyers. This is the exact opposite of what you hope to achieve which is to encourage the purchase of your products.

At present, Hubspot claims that although 79% of marketers agree upon the effectivity of content marketing, a mere 6% of them actually know how to apply it.

It’s a well-known secret that, in order to influence more content conversions, you must first concentrate on making your copy appealing to readers. After all, no amount of call-to-action methods can be more compelling to them than a well thought out content.

To help you facilitate this gradual about-face, here are some proven tips to guide you on your way:
1Trigger emotions  

The best way to compel people to act is to make them react. People tend to behave based upon their current emotions as much as they do while evoking logic. Make sure that what you are discussing is at par with your readers’ inner beliefs and feelings in order to influence their decision-making.
2Prolong content  

Aside from being more persuasive, in-depth content garners better search engine results. It may be hard to believe but according to Point Visible, nine times more leads are generated by long-form blog posts compared to short-form content. This is because a more authoritative voice attracts readers.

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3Be straightforward and sincere  

Using a bland or superficial tone fails to make its mark on readers. A straight to the point, less formal approach will be more appealing to potential customers than spouting stilted prose that sounds impersonal and often insincere.
You need to mean what you say in order to sound credible.
4Captivate readers from the intro  

In other words, drive readers’ interest in your content from the beginning before they even need to scroll down. Some readers have a short attention span and would often scan the post for a few paragraphs before leaving a page. Make sure that the gist of your message has been delivered by a third or halfway through your article.
5Use list posts  

Regardless of whether your content is intended to sell or merely to inform, a well-organized list post has a unique appeal on its own. Reading about a specific number of items makes it easier for readers to ingest and retain difficult information –and more prone to convert!
6Keep updated with the latest rage  

Keeping yourself up to date with current trends is necessary because this is one way to engage –and keep– your readers’ interest.
Encourage a continuous following or actual purchases by giving relevant content to your article.

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7Imply a sense of urgency  

Capitalize on the basic human instinct when confronted by an urgent situation. Pointed references to limited-time offers, impending low stock or time-sensitive shipping will often succeed in getting a reader to sign up or secure a purchase for fear of being left out.
8Promote expectancy  

Build up anticipation if you want to draw in readers. Suggestive innuendos to what comes next will keep them hanging and eager for more information. If your article is presented in such a way that your product seems to be the ultimate solution to a problem, then you can expect a huge conversion turnout.
9Use Testimonies  

One common marketing strategy is to channel social proof to convince readers to convert. Generally, people tend to put more weight on actual testimonials over any amount of brand campaign. Therefore, a credible celebrity endorser or person of authority can deliver your message far more effectively.
10Know your crowd  

You will be able to instigate more conversions if you have a basic understanding of your audience. What motivates them to undergo certain actions?
How do you keep them interested in what you have to say? Therefore the best way to create a successful campaign is to identify your target crowd and focus on what draws them in.
At this point, it must have become apparent that one sure-fire way to court failure in business is to overlook your target audience’s wants and needs. The aim of content conversion is not just to get readers to sign up for email subscriptions but rather to psych them up enough to pass contact form submissions. That’s when you can relax and realize that you’re on the right track. 

Now, get ready to watch your conversion rate surge up!

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