3 Reasons To Use Video For Killer Marketing Strategies

3 Reasons To Use Video For Killer Marketing Strategies

Youtube is cracking site. We all know and love this FREE place on the internet where we can listen to the music that we love from the latest music videos to checking out our favourite artists performing live.

We can spend all day laughing at all those crazy clips of people, animals (cats especially) and babies doing what they do best (or what they don’t!)3 Reasons To Use Video - Paragraph1

And another thing that is great about this website is that the door to learning is always open! Just type in “How to” and educate yourself on anything you wish to know . . .

From fixing your car to makeup tutorials!

That’s right! The internet is a place that gives us exactly what we want in the form of video and in the last decade alone, explainer videos have taken the world by storm.

Now we have come to a point where we rely on online video for everything! Whether we wish to be entertained, informed or educated, we have it all at the click of a button. 3 Reasons To Use Video - Paragraph2

That is why businesses are concluding that online explainer videos are the best source to get their message across!

More and more companies are switching to using high-quality animated or live-action videos to promote themselves. Explainer videos on landing pages have been found to be the most effective marketing strategy.

Online video gurus like Netflix are producing critically-acclaimed programs and films that only air on the internet; and top-tier hosting services such as Wistia have set a high standard on what web videos can achieve.

3 Reasons To Use Video - Video Marketing is the future - Header

3 Reasons To Use Video - Paragraph3It is easy to see why online video is the way forward when it comes to marketing.

The Guardian, recently predicted that video marketing will constitute to 69% of online consumer traffic, while a whopping 64% of marketers say that this will pan out to be a major influence on strategy in the coming years.

The stats on the future of video really go to show that online video is bound to get way more popular!

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You probably know a thing or two at least about all of these online video shenanigans! So let’s not harp on about reasons you should start marketing your business, product or service with an explainer videos – let’s look at it from a different angle.

It is evident that video marketing is growing quickly and that it works, so why is that exactly? Can we put our finger on what is it that drives people to view a video? What is the real reason that online video will eventually shadow social media in popularity?

Marketers, these are the questions we should be asking ourselves!

If we understand why people are watching, then we can know the secret to making unmissable explainer videos.

Go ahead, take a peek! These are a few reasons why people are watching videos:

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Give this a little thought. 3 Reasons To Use Video - Paragraph4

When you want to search information on any topic, your browser is not just going to find a couple of articles or blog posts relevant to your specific search – revealed will be a minimum of one or two thousand related options.

Yup, you will be bombarded with info, that is for sure!

So how the heck can you figure out which are the most reliable sources? How can you tell apart the experts from the amateurs?

When text is presented, it is difficult to tell which article is the more trustworthy. However, video marketing is a new level that makes for easily differentiating between a good video from a bad video. Thanks to being audio, animation, and camera work.

If someone shot their video on an iPhone, for instance, you would be able to tell.

Same as when people see a quality video!

So when a video has had time and effort spent on it, that is when people pay attention – simply because they know it took work!

When something has had money put into it, then it becomes apparent that not just anyone could have made it. People trust a good video because they know it has taken expertise.

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Wanna know the greatest thing about why video marketing works?

There are plenty of low-budget videos which contain great, legitimate content and so on the other end of the spectrum, this means that could be that there are some high-budget videos that really shouldn’t be trusted.

The thing is this: people take high-quality, well-produced videos seriously. And therefore this is how you have a better chance!

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3 Reasons To Use Video - Paragraph5Going viral is the key to fame. So how do you get your explainer video to go viral? You make a good one!

People will opt for video over long-form journalism any day. It is quicker and easier to take in, for a start. Social media booms with videos and if someone ‘ROFL’s over a screaming goat, they are likely to spread the laughs by sharing with friends.

And so the chain reaction begins: Click, watch, share.

It is as easy as that!

But not every video gets shared – it has to be good and worthy.

People love a giggle, or something remarkable or interesting. If the person is moved by what they view, they can in some way relate to your video, or it matters to them for whatever reason, then this is what triggers ‘The Share.’

To conclude: Another great benefit of video marketing is that when people watch and enjoy, they will tell everyone about it! Caring is sharing.

Make your explainer video worth it by being interesting, funny, moving, educational, memorable and honest – and so comes the final point!

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3 Reasons To Use Video - Paragraph6Want to know the science of video marketing? Here we go . . .

Those that only hear or read information are using just their auditory sense, whereas those who watch a video are stimulating all of the following senses AT ONCE!

  • Auditory
  • Visual AND
  • Gestural

Now we have more ways of ensuring that viewers remember what they have seen.

When a great explainer video comes along and moves someone, this has power like no other form of media.

A perfect combination of music, narrative, visuals, plus motion will invite the audience to experience a whole range of emotions all from the same video!

Feelings and emotions are key to the memory.

And there you have it! The major reason to invest in an explainer video is that you want and need people to remember who you are and what you do!

3 Reasons To Use Video - Header5

There are tons of reasons as to why people choose to use an explainer video over text-based media, but these are without a doubt, the best three! These facts are what tell you what kind of videos you should be making.

Videos that people trust, they will remember, and also pass on.

The art of creating a successful business is by building a loyal customer base – and when you have satisfied clientele, they recommend you!

Snappy go out of their way to make explainer videos that count.

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We understand what it takes to create short, animated, entertaining explainer videos to use on your landing page!

Watch your sales cycle reduce, see how fast your conversions increase and sit back while your sales hit the roof!

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One thing you need to understand, in this day and age, is that online video marketing is less of a luxury and more of a crucial element to your reputation and success.

Try it out! What have you got to lose?

Making use of an explainer video allows you a sophisticated, well-rounded content marketing strategy that makes your business thrive. Let Snappy produce a high-quality explainer video, contact us TODAY!

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