14 Benefits of Using An Explainer Video For Online Marketing

14 Benefits of Using An Explainer Video For Online Marketing

It is one thing in building a successful strategy for traffic acquisition, but when it comesto online marketing, what do you do once you have the people?

You keep them interested!

But how on earth are you supposed to do that when the average attention span of today’s audience is less than Freddy’s pet fish? Recent studies inform us that these days, we are lucky to stay focused for more than 8 seconds when browsing the web. Get in the sea!

Thanks to gadgets like mobile phones,the internet sits right there in our pocket and gets carried around with us wherever we go! We have so much instant info available to us that companies are now more than ever battling to grab the attention of their target demographic.

On Facebook alone it is said 30 billion pieces of content are shared each month and so ploughing through this amount of information means that for anyone to stop the mindless scrolling, you really do need to stick out like a sore thumb!

That is why, nowadays, most people are choosing to get their message across via video because . . .


If you want to increase your conversion rate by at least then 53% then snappy sales video suggests the answer is in putting an explainer video on your landing page!

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So for anyone NOT getting involved in making the most of a new age in technology by simply upping their game with eye-catching video clips . . .

Know this!

Changes only come about when you implement them, and the smart thing to realise is that nowadays you gotta spend cash to make cash.

It is likely that if you do not quickly move past the fear of splashing out a little to create an engaging explainer video for your company website, the info will be buried in a pile – something like trying to find the word ‘needle’ in a paperwork haystack springs to mind!

Here we have 14 reasons why explainer videos are now the Biggest opportunity in marketing!

Online Content Consumption Has Evolved

Recognising consumer behaviour is one thing marketers must master. It is safe to say that internet junkies are becoming more dependent on video.

Reach a LARGE audience and use the POWER of video!
ComScorerevealed stats that prove how mainstream web activity has become! With US Internet users viewing online video at 87.1% it just goes to show!

Stretch your budget further by using a video!
ComScorealso tells us that an average number of video clips watched by each American viewer was 248.9 in November 2013 . . .
The equivalent of 8 videos a day!

Stretch your budget further by using a video!
Forrester1 minute of video into 1.8 million words . . .
The equivalent of around 3,600 web pages!

A video is compatible with a number of digital platforms.
DiodeDigitalexplain 50% of ALL mobile online traffic, and more than 90% of internet traffic is video.

Inspiring Video Content Triggers Memory

To make your brand worth talking about the secret is to avoid using irritating ads and instead, create captivating, emotionally engaging videos that people can relate to.

Videos are the virtual gateway.
DiodeDigitaluncovered that
60% of people would first view video content on a page and then read the text meaning that videos are the first opportunity to influence!

Mobile devices make it easy for people to share the videos they like!
that 41% of mobile users watch video and 20% share these clips.

Social Networks cause videos to go viral.
PewCenteralso found that 58%
of videos are watched on a social media site, and these span out worldwide thus reaching far more than just your website traffic!

Popular Hubs help distribute your video!
The likes of YouTube or Vimeo Videos are
favoured by 72% of people according to PewCenter,
and so these hubs will Attract Audience Attention.

To find out more about ‘The Three A’s’ check the article below!
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An explainer video allows your customer to see the benefits.
3M Corporationstate that 90% of information that is
transmitted to the brain is visual. Videos
are processed by the imagination 60,000 times faster than text.

Visitors will stay on your site for longer after watching a video!
DiodeDigitalreport that the average person will stick
around for another two minutes if you provide a
video that they were emotionally drawn to.

Videos are FREE advertising!
A study by Sprout Socialfound that photographs
are liked twice as much as text updates and videos are
shared a dozen times more than links and text posts combined!

Using A Video Will Boost Your Revenue

After reading this far, give yourself a pat on the back! You managed to beat the average human attention span for starters!
But you also now see how using an explainer video in marketing will engage users, generate web traffic and gain success from social media.
However, here is the really good stuff!

Influential videos increase SALES.
WSJshare the fact that the video made by Dollar Shave Club that went viral caused for 12,000 new customers to sign-up after just 48 hours of launching the company!

Emails with videos are less likely ignored.
Sprout Socialfound that 76% of email respondents pay more attention if a video is included in the message and are more likely to click-through.

Videos impact the customer’s ability to make a purchase decision.

To Sum Up . . .

When you invest in adding an explainer video as a part of your marketing strategy, the fact is that not just any old video will work! You must ensure that you have done your research – you need to make sure that you fully understand your target market and put in the time and effort (as well as the money) into making the most engaging content that will 100% appeal to your ideal customer.

Snappy has a team of experts who create top-quality explainer videos that guarantee to bring your business success. Why waste time when you could improve your approach to marketing immediately? Make sure to get in touch with snappy to find out how we can help your business grow through video now! Contact us here for more details.


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