10 Reasons Why Using An Explainer Video Will Boost Your Business

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One thing that every business owner needs to understand about putting their webpage live is how to tackle good old Google. You see, like most search engines Google has an algorithm that takes into account just how long a visitor will bother with your website in order to create the search ranking within their system.

Explainer videos are now taking the top spot in priorities for marketing as to ensure that browsers become customers. This is accomplished by keeping people interested. Videos are now so effective in helping grow businesses that the online world is simply riddled with them!

The power of a short video can change your business forever. Increase conversion rates, give ‘proof in the pudding’ and show exactly how well your product can work, then, watch your sales escalate.

The future is here and, the dawn of video is upon us.

1) Massive Conversion Rate Increase

Want know how many people visit your site? An explainer video is the simplest way to keep track of what attracts prospects and which products they find most interesting. How? Just see the list of how many views are received!

QUICK FACT: Something that Video Rascal pointed out was that 85% of potential customers who watch an explainer video about a product, are more likely to be swayed to make a purchase.

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2) Provide Product Proof (The Three P’s)

There is no need to waffle on about your product. Skip the mountain of mundane text, and straight-up show your product to the people! Cut to the chase and get to the good stuff . . . Like we said before, ‘The proof is in the pudding!’

Describe it, demonstrate it, let viewers see it in action.

Make life easy! Allow potential customers to understand exactly what you and your product or service can do while eliminating any doubts that they may have! Speak directly to your target market and tell them why you are the best. There is no better way than video to list all the benefits that customers will receive from choosing you.


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3) Guarantee Website Interest

Word-of-mouth used to be the only key way to getting the best business referrals out and about, but now we have clocked on to the art of video, it makes even more sense to share the news via this quicker and easier explanatory method! Within social media all it takes is
a click of a button and you can send one video
‘viral-ing out of control.’

QUICK FACT: The C100 published a study that reveals 70% and more of online users are watching videos and 50% plus of today’s population will be watching videos through the year!

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4) Ranks You Higher in Google

Stagnant websites get forgotten and these are the ones that seem to have everything written out in a page-after-page style, possibly with a few images to justify their soppy approach. Quite frankly, no one cares to read this sap any more! And that is why they wind up at the bottom of Google . . .

Once you are nowhere to be seen when a search is entered, your site stops being publicly exposed and so potential customers steer clear instead of buying on the spot. Yikes!

Nowadays, explainer videos give people the chance to make a snappy decision about a product. After instant observation, most prospects will make up their mind within the first minute about whether or not they wish to purchase.

QUICK FACT: Many statistics say, including that of Spork Marketing, that websites which have a video are the ones most likely to rank at the top of Google searches.

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5) Website Traffic Overload

We are all aware that these days the value in is going viral. You know? Like when one of those cute videos of a dog making a baby laugh pops up and has millions of shares, views and likes in just a matter of minutes!

But – if you are looking for the secret to going viral, sadly, there is no set recipe.

However, if you want our advice, here are a few pointers!

  • Be sharp. Get to the point quickly.
  • Be clear. Audiovisual pleasure that is easy to understand.
  • Emotions. Present something your audience can relate to.
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6) Make Your Product Memorable

With all that was described in point made above, you can be sure to create a video that will, at the very least, stick in the viewer’s mind.

If the memory is triggered then your business will benefit! How? Well, if a customer likes your video, they are most likely going to share it with their loved ones and tell their friends about it!

QUICK FACT: A study conducted by Wharton Research Center states that on average, a person will retain just 10% of something they have heard, whereas 50% of people will remember what they see.


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7) Pitch Perfect

Stimulate your audience with an explainer videos that has your pitch down to a T. No one will be thrilled when you try to present a boring old PowerPoint slide show, or hand them a pamphlets full of words and pie charts.

On the other hand, you can engage your audience with a well produced video that has a solid script and captivating visuals that spell out your business in no time!

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8) Attracts Audience Attention (The Three A’s)

Traditional website content will only do so much and the last thing you want to do is confuse people who land on your page by bombarding them with pictures, unhelpful animations and bright flashy fonts. Not only will people become distracted but the webpage itself will take forever to load!

Having results like this will be a disasters for your business. Instead, you could wham your ideas into a neat and tidy video! That way, you keep your website clean AND provide all the material that is guaranteed to lure in potential customers.

Personality Shine

10) Let Your Personality Shine!

If a customer can put a face to the name then it becomes much more personal. Once you have reached that level of comfort with someone, they are bound to come back! And repeat customers is exactly what you want.

Businesses that are solely online need this more than anything. You need to create that all important ‘virtual relationship’ to succeed. Without this connection, you have nothing!

Videos happen to be the most popular medium to reach people in so many levels. Boost sales, gain popularity and explain your product all in one! The key to success is using an explainer video.

If you think you might be ready to shake things up and see what is in store for you, then go ahead! Create your first video and watch what happens! Have a word with the team at snappy and see what a difference an explainer videos can do for you, today! At snappy, we understand all it takes to ensure that your business is benefited by high-quality video.

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