How I Increased My Landing Page Conversions By 53% !

You may already have an awesome website that uses all the following features:


And if so, you are definitely a step in the right direction!
But hold on – you thought that was all it would take to feast on conversions?
OK. Wait a second! Let me tell you something . .

Using these tools is certainly a smart move &
they do add value by giving your customers direction.

I mean, there really is no way your prospects wouldn’t know what to do!
But do you know what is really making people convert these days?

Yep, you heard me!

If you want to make sure that you are going to gain the most success for your business then you need to get an explainer video for your website.


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Lately, statistics show that only 22% of today’s business owners are happy with their conversion rates, meaning that there is a surprising 78% who are sat around like fools twiddling their thumbs.

Those guys are losing out BIG TIME.


They think that spending a fortune to attract customers is the answer but what they do not realize is that making a site look fancy is not what really convinces people to convert.

In fact, on average, for every $92 spent there is only $1 spent on swaying people to convert.

If you want to know the answer to getting a ridiculously higher conversion rate, then stick around! Because there are a couple of things that you can do . . .

And once all factors are taken care of, you can sit back and relax in the comfort of knowing that everything possible to optimize your conversion rate is complete!

Trust me – you can simply opt for the easy approach:


It’s not bloody rocket science!

For those who find themselves feeling lost, sat scratching their heads or anyone who is just generally confused about how to get visitors to convert . . .

Here is the downlow.

People nowadays just don’t have the time, patience or energy to sit around reading mass amounts of text. It seems that, in this day and age, most folk are, in fact, suffering with some serious attention span issues.

And guess what? Statistic Brain have made a report that puts this into perspective . . .

Like, did you know that the average goldfish has the ability to focus for a whopping 9 seconds? This is almost a full second longer than the average human!

mean_come_img01While we might just be ranking higher than the average sieve *SIGH* getting distracted after a lousy 8.25 seconds is not exactly much to sing and dance about, is it?

Unless, of course, you happen to be a business owner who is sat at home watching Netflix while your conversions roll in.

See, there are some smart people out there who have already made it.

These guys are living the dream.
Say hello to the ‘geniuses’ who have already sussed the power of video.

They know that one video can work magic in less than 3 minutes – which is perfect when you look at the same report . . .

Statistic Brain also found that the average length of time an online user would happily dedicate to watching Internet video is 2.7 minutes.

And they too noted that only a mere 4% of page views
are lucky to receive more than 10 minutes of interest.

Despite the human race having pretty shocking concentration skills, videos are the key to sucking us in just that little bit longer.

One thing is for sure when concluding this data

Despite the human race having pretty shocking concentration skills, videos are the key to sucking us in just that little bit longer.


Here are a few more facts to shed light on the situation:

The e-tailing group brought to light that 92% of mobile users share information they like with others.

Which proves the point that, these days, the value is in going viral.
But the thing that you really want to happen is for information to sink in . . .

So here is more good news! 95% of viewers do, in fact, digest messages that come from video! Which is why explainer videos are most effective.

Videos get the job done in a couple of minutes.

And they are especially effective when you plonk them at the top of your landing page.
This is how the magical conversion rates begin to take shape . . .

Because when an 80% increase in conversion occurs, your business gets turned around instantly.

now_laughing_img01If you thought that 2.7 minutes is not a very long time, think again.

Forrester research claims that 1 minute of video is the equivalent of 1.8 billion words!

Now I am no mathematician but a simple calculation reveals that this means you have the chance to say four billion eight hundred and sixty million words total before the average person makes a decision!

Mind blowing, right?

Well get this . . .

If the viewer decides to watch a three minute video, right until the very end, then you have the opportunity to say even more!

5,400,000,000 words to be exact!
(And, just incase, spelt out, that is five billion four hundred million words!)


In a nutshell, you could say what would normally take a lifetime to say, in under three minutes!
Now, let’s look at the bigger picture.

In 2013

there were 72.1 million of us watching video monthly on our smartphones


In 2014

this number had dramatically increased to 86.8 million!

69% of those people said that a smartphone is ideal for watching videos and that getting fast, clear information on products in this way makes them feel more inclined to purchase.

On top of that, we have now reached a time where there are more than just mobile phones alone at our convenience! Consider the other gadgets and devices we now have at our fingertips!

For instance, were you aware that 33% of worldwide tablet users are watching a minimum of 1 hour of video per day?

When you look at it like this, it is understandable to think that 50% of people browsing the web are specifically searching for videos to check out products that they want to buy, before they actually go ahead and make the purchase!

This is probably why 53% of customers prefer it when a company offers a video about their product!

Then take a glance at the weekly numbers that make up around 78% of users who watch video – which makes for 55% of those doing so on a daily basis!

With all this in mind, it is easy to imagine that you could easily gain success overnight.


You need to understand that by simply popping a video onto your landing page is not all that needs be put into check.

Although adding a explainer video to your website will have a massive impact to conversion, know that this is no secret!

See, it wasn’t long before business owners caught wind of this whole idea and Brainshark say that 93% of marketing professionals are already using this method.

Not only is video used as a digital marketing tactic, but it is quickly becoming the number one marketing strategy to boost sales.

Video is now recognized by 51.9% of global marketers as providing the biggest ROI and so is quickly becoming very popular.

That being said, there is still a window of opportunity when using a video for your website . .

While there are plenty of online clips already dominating the web, there are not actually many of them that are being used correctly to convert customers.

That is why you should grab the chance to do it and do it right!

Because if you are only just switching on to the use of video, then sadly you are already waaay behind.

still_time_img01Quick! You can still jump on the bandwagon, now! And do it properly.

The latest predictions made my Cisco show that by 2019 the primary content of our virtual reality will be 80% video.

This seems a likely story when we consider current progress . . .

Cisco glanced at the figures of 2015 at being 70% of traffic on the web consisting of video and so set their expectation for this number the year of 2020.

brainshark_imgBrainshark reveal that total online video content this year is already at a steady increase and is 74%.

And did you realize that using the word “video” on the subject line of an email will increase the chances of catching attention by 19%? At the same time, unsubscribe rates decrease by 26% when a video is available.

So how exactly is explainer video the key to all of this?
Here is how you can make the magic happen . . .


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Create a purpose-driven video

Before you begin, you need to come up with a master plan.

What is the point?
This is exactly the question you need to be asking yourself! Make sure you have your idea in order.

What is your purpose?
To fit everything into a short timeframe you need to know exactly what it is that you are trying to achieve. You need to provide a clear and concise message with simple instructions.

To start, make your pitch perfect and then you can tell your customers exactly what you want them to do!

Think about it!
How can your customers make a decision about something that you are unsure of?
Remember when we said that 90% of people are happy to admit that they rely on a video to decide whether or not to buy a product?

That is the main reason why it is so important to get your point across and make every single second count!

To convert, you need your customers to take action . . .
When 36% of consumers put their trust into video advertisements, you should be taking advantage!

There is no need to overcomplicate things.
Here is an extremely simple formula that you can use:


So long as consumers understand you and your purpose by the time the clip finishes, you will be recognized as a fully fledged expert.

Which is why it is so crucial to get 1 and 2 correct and form a trust. Because when potential customers trust you they become more open to the suggestions that you make!

Then, the third part comes easy – slip in your call to action and watch what happens . . .


Emotionally engage your target

Sounds technical? Wrong! This part is easy!
Figure out who your video is aimed at.

Who do you want to attract? What kind of person is going to benefit most from your product?
If you know your customer then you can start to think about how to reel them in.

One thing is for sure, people will always respond best to the things they can relate to.
There is no need to bore customers by bombarding them with facts, instead, you can throw something in there that might make them laugh, or even cry!

Imagine, just like you or I, people offer their attention to the things that they are attached to.
And when video strikes attention as well as emotion these are the two tools that are used for the power of persuasion.

An article by Wirebuzz says quite simply:
“Video is the most persuasive form of content.”

If you can tell a story and master the art of appealing to your target market’s logical sense by picking at the pain points, then they are more likely to believe that they need you.

Every aspect of your video is usable to make an impact on those watching. From the images and colours to the language and font you can stimulate the senses of your audience and influence the decision-making process.

By using emotional techniques, you create the possibility to trigger the memory too. In this case, your prospect will make a personal decision to convert and also share the idea with others!

Now you are really on your way to success!


Seal the deal

Your explainer video on it’s own may work magic and do all of the things it is suppose to do.
But when a customer is there and at the ready, how can you be sure that they actually sign up?

Let’s face it, it would be a real bummer having come this far and then lose their interest over forgetting to add one final touch . . .


The National Telecommunications and Information Administration released a report in 2016 that stresses the importance of providing customer security and privacy.

It showed that 84% of households were left feeling concerned of at least one issue they might face in this area, causing reasons to doubt.

While 63% of concerns surrounded potential identity theft another 45% expressed worry of fraudulent activity should they use their bank or credit card.

Furthermore, data revealed that 29% of people were unsure of using the internet for financial transactions, but that number was significantly higher at 40% for those who had already dealt with a former breach.

26% of these respondents refused point blank to partake in online transactions due to these issues and 35% wanted nothing to do with e-commerce sites.

Which proves that if behaviour is affected by suspicion or a lack of safety, this could ruin everything! It doesn’t matter how well you market your product, you have to make sure your customer is 100% satisfied that they can put their confidence in you.

If you want customers to convert and hand over their money, then you have to make them comfortable! So here is one thing you can do to avoid customer hesitation and eliminate doubt: Get authority badges.

This tiny detail makes the world of difference. It could make or break your credibility and therefore, your conversion rate.


By establishing reliability you could turn casual browsers into fully converted customers.

There are a number of trust seals that you can choose from to better your chances of a sale. Alone these wouldn’t do much, but alongside a explainer video makes for all the rightingredients to generate success!

Remember, we feel cautious when it comes to spending our hard earned cash.

Remove the need for caution.

At the end of the day, if you to use a video to increase your conversions, then you better make sure that this is the starting point of building trust and then prove your worth right until the very end.

Have them keep the faith.


You can skyrocket your conversion rate and quickly turn your business around by using a simple explainer video on your website.

All you have to do is:


If this doesn’t work I will eat my own arm . . .
Let me know how you get on! I want to hear all about your success!

Feel free to leave your comments and if you have any suggestions, I am all ears!

And if you are looking for a team of experts to help you create the high-quality video that will increase your conversion rate, then snappy has the professionals that know how to make you money!

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