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Sales video is now an essential part of the marketing campaign of different companies. And why shouldn’t it? YouTube alone is receiving at least 4 Billion of views per day. It is also the 2nd largest search engine site which is next to Google who also owns YouTube. According to the research at least 78% of the population watch a video on YouTube at least once a week, 55% of them watch a video on a daily basis. Furthermore, sales video posted on YouTube also appears on different major search engine sites which give you the possibility to reach a wider audience.

92% of the B2B customers also watch an online video. Furthermore, 34% of the purchasers tend to buy the product after watching a sales video. 48% of the consumers also stated that they have a trust on the online sales video for business.

Sales Video Production helps you Become More Competitive


Sales Video has been incorporated in the marketing campaign of different companies to increase the engagement of their visitors. They also tend to include it on their email which increases the chances of the email to be opened by at least 5.6%. Sales video for business also massively increase the CTR (Click-through rate) by an astounding 96%. When a video is added on a landing page, the conversion rate is believed to have an 80% increment.


The number of executives using sales video has grown to 81% based on the latest release. That is an immense jump from the 70% in the previous years. More than half (52%) of the executives also tend to watch explainer videos on video hosting sites and 75% of them watch sales video for business.


Sales Video Production creates a mobile-optimised video


The latest update on the Google algorithm suggests that they are prioritising contents that are mobile optimised, and for a good reason. More than 60% of the online community is accessing the web through their gadgets. At least 70% of the content that belong to a higher SERP ranking is video. It does not only add to the organic traffic on your site, it also serves as a point of entry for your site.


Around 50% of the entire traffic on mobiles is received through mobile phones and 69% of those traffics are from distinct networks. Based on the response of different companies at least 85% of them are planning to increase their budget on their video-related contents. Shorter sales video also tends to have a higher engagement as 88.3% of them were successfully completed.


Sales Video Production creates video that are easy to share


It is also easy to share the videos on social networking sites. More and more YouTube videos are being watched on Face Book. A total of 500 years are watched on a daily basis on Facebook. On twitter, at least 700 videos specifically from YouTube are being tweeted. The share-ability and the easy integration of the sales video for business make it very efficient and effective.

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