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Smaller local companies tend to restrict their budget in a cost-effective marketing campaign that will boost their credibility and presence. One of the cleverest ways is to allocate your spending plan on an animated video production; it will not only bolster your presence but also your sales.


Build Your Brand with Animated Video Production


Animated Video for business offers you to present your brand to the purchasers in a more reasonable and profitable way. The utilisation of animation and colours can directly link your product to the video animation. Animation video creation will assist you to create your own branding by getting the potential clients emotionally attached to it. This can totally revolutionise the marketing campaign of your company and create loyal customers.


Animation video for business is also design to easily explain your idea in just a few seconds. Based on the study, people who visit your site only have 2-3 seconds to decide whether they will stay on the site or leave. That means you have 3 seconds to impress them and what better way to do it with an animated video production. People love an animation; it is colourful, engaging and attractive. You will have the chance to explain your product or services to the public in a very interesting way.


Boost your credibility and sales


Google tends to notice the level of engagement on your site. This means the longer they stay on your site, the higher you will be on the rankings. But these animated video creations designated for your marketing campaign needs to be optimised in order to have higher SERP ranking. This is why you need the help of an animated video production. They are well capable in creating an animated video for business that is not only professional, outstanding but also Google-friendly.


Once your site placed well on the SERP ranking, more and more people will start visiting your site. This increases your reach on the audience, giving you more chance to explain your services or products to them and attracting more possible consumers. Study shows that the higher your traffic is, the higher the conversion rate will be. An animated video production can increase your sales of at least 20%, on different occasions, it can be higher.


The Ability to Retain Information


Animated Video for business has a higher chance to retain the information stated on your video. As stated by the study, there is a 50% more chance to retain the information on the things they saw rather on the things they read. A simple video explainer filled with numbers, pie charts, graphs, pamphlets will not interest an audience. But an animated video creation with an effective script can immediately capture the attention of the possible clients. This is extremely important especially if you are offering a very detailed and intricate product or administration.

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Gary is the founder and owner at Snappy Sales Video, a Brighton-based video production company, who has a deep obsession with making videos as often as possible and how to optimise websites for brand awareness and conversions.