Promotional Video Production as the Leading Marketing Strategy

Sales video is starting to become the primary essential tool of marketing strategy. It’s efficient, fast and engaging compared to an article that is sometimes boring and non-informative. Different industry is now utilising the power of corporate video production to boost their sales, presence and credibility. It also serves as an ideal way to get in touch with their customer especially in the industry of real estate.


Sales Video on Commercial Industry


Based on the statistics released by NAR (National Association of Realtors), at least, 90% of the parties that are interested to purchase a new real estate property use the internet as their primary source of knowledge. 85% of those buyers found photos and animated video explainer to be an important part of their decision-making and around 73% of them will settle on an agent who is willing to show them the promotional video production of the properties. Unfortunately, only a meagre 5% of the agents are using the animated video production.


In Australia, the website of the real estate agency with sales video posted more than 403% inquiries compared to the website of the agency that does not have any promotional video production.   At least 46% of these inquiries have turned into sales.


In retail Industry at least, 144% of the purchasers have watched an online corporate video production before they decided to add the product on their cart. that utilised a promotional video production has an increased 45% conversion rate compared to other similar sites.


Sales Video’s Level of Engagement


Forbes released a figure stating that around 59% of the executives are more willing to watch a sales video rather than read a promotional content. The level of engagement of the online users also seems high as the branding association of the animated explainer video increased up to a massive 139% and the inquiries was bolstered to 97% as stated by Unruly.


Also according to the Forrester Research, it is far easier to achieve a higher SERP when you posted a promotional video production on your site. The level of engagement and traffic can increase up to 65% after one month of introducing a sales video on your webpage. The inbound links and backlinks of the site also increased once they utilised corporate video production which plays a great factor in determining the authority and page rank of the web page. In fact, the video animation accounts for more than 69% of the overall traffic that a site received.


Sales Video for Marketing Campaign


An interview conducted on the consumers shows that more than half of them are willing to settle on a company that offers them an animated explainer video. It also makes them at ease and comfortable with their decision once they watched the promotional video production.


E-mail that contains a video animation also has a high percentage of being opened compared to those that doesn’t have.   At least 90% increase of CTR was seen on email and advertisement that contains promotional video production. Furthermore, there is also a higher retention of information in sales video as opposed to other form of marketing campaign.


The promotional video production does not exist to replace the sales agent working in different industry. But the agents who wanted to stay ahead of the competition should start to see sales video as a way to promote their service and not as a competition.

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