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The animated explainer video is a very short video (starting from 45 seconds) that are usually utilised on the commercial sector to explain the essential facts of the business to the consumers in an engaging approach. The promotional video production started to become popular last 2007, when the social media platform Twitter used an animation to explain the story of their brand.


The simple promotional video production quickly amassed 10 million views and those who have watched the video easily understood how to use the social media platform. As of today, twitter is one of the most popular online networking sites. This success has prompted different organisations in using an animated explainer video to increase their online credibility and presence


Why do you need animated explainer video?


Most organisations have now seen the importance of sales video. Be that as it may, not all animated video production is made equal. Promotional video production with web ads, instructional exercises or contextual investigations incorporates contents that are intended to connect with the viewers.


Animated explainer video performs in to some diverse degree. They frequently condense far-reaching and intricate thoughts into a single approach, permitting clients to have a superior thought about a certain organisation and why their items or administrations are critical. Compared to the branded videos, the corporate video production creates a simpler approach to deliver something that is critical for the business.


How animated explainer video works?


Based on the study, animated explainer video has a higher chance of retention and an increased level of engagement. The purchasers are also more willing to settle on a product or service with animated video production. This is because sales video stimulates the function of both visual and auditory sense. But creating the promotional video production with an outstanding content is just half part of the battle. There are more things that you need to consider after this.


Animated video production also needs to be incorporated with the proper tag, title and content that are SEO friendly to show in the first page of the search engine sites. The sales video analytics would also be needed to determine the traffic and engagement being received by the video. If it is not making any substantial progress, then there is definitely something wrong with it.   Also, if you are receiving the same type of questions periodically, then your corporate video production is insufficient.


Do keep in mind that when creating an animated explainer video, you have to be focus in conveying the reasons of why you do the things you do. It is imperative for the people to understand you and your nature of business. Sales video is a way to create a relationship with the consumers and achieve a higher authority and credibility.



Everyone loves a great and compelling story. Having an animated explainer video is a perfect way to share the story of your company to the consumers. Boost your company’s presence by having sales video intended for your company that has an amazing efficiency and share-ability.

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