Why Must You Choose Animated Explainer Videos Today?

In today’s world of message clutter especially in the digital arena, how do you make sure your company stands out for your customers to get captivated by? With an animated video production, you will have better chances to reach out to your visitors and make an, even more, lasting impact. These are just some of the reasons why you must consider animated explainer videos for your business today:


Have Lesser Bounce Rates with Animated Explainer Videos


If you’ll be using a promotional video production service, you would have better chances to have a captured audience since your visitors will most likely want to watch your embedded video. As you craft up a highly interesting message along with a top notch video animation service, you’ll find how your viewers will stay on your homepage much longer than usual.


Have Increased Conversion Rates and Engagement


You’ll usually have an objective when it comes to showcasing a message on a certain page of your site. If you’d want your visitor to sign up for a newsletter or even purchase a product, then a creative sales video may be produced.


You can even ask for your visitors to comment on your video animation, towards further increasing the quality of engagement on your site. You may also opt to use the same animated video production piece to your other platforms, such as your Social Media accounts.


Draw Entertainment Out of a Corporate Video Production Piece


If you’d like to make your series of lectures even more interesting, then a corporate video production can sustain the attention of your audience. Putting an entertainment factor while making sure you still maintain a level of professionalism, will make your presentation even more engaging.

Should you need your viewers to stay interested, then animated explainer videos will always help, no matter how serious a topic may be. Your sales and employee trainings will have far more retention with an effective corporate video production.


Animated Explainer Videos Avoid Monotony in Your Messages


Aside from the most captivating pictures, a promotional video production should make it easier for your customer to fully understand what you’re offering them. If they do not have enough time and are constantly on-the-go, you can help them in further reading through your service by having a playable video.


All they have to do is watch a 2 to 5-minute piece, and your customers may already have the chance to understand your business. You can even invite them to avail of your products or services in the process of watching your material.


These are only few of the benefits which you can gain by having an explainer video on your website. Check out your options and see how they can contribute to your objectives today.

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Gary Mason
Gary is the founder and owner at Snappy Sales Video, a Brighton-based video production company, who has a deep obsession with making videos as often as possible and how to optimise websites for brand awareness and conversions.