How Animated Explainer Videos Improve Conversion Rates

  • By: Gary Mason
  • Date: Feb 25, 2016
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Businesses have lots of tools they can use to improve their conversion rates. A well-designed website can provide a good first impression to visitors. And most websites also have high-quality content that can convey what they want to say to their target market. While all these can increase conversion rates, and the numbers can still go up with the use of animated explainer videos.


What are Animated Explainer Videos?


Businesses have started employing animated video production services to help them create explainer videos. They are short videos that show the story of the company. A corporate video production team can use digital drawings, hand drawn, or Claymation to show what a business wants to convey to its target market.


And more often than not, adding an explainer video to the landing page improves the conversion rate of the landing page. Almost a third of page visitors click to watch the video, and almost half of the viewers watch it until the end.


Why are Animated Explainer Videos Effective?


It has been measured that the average attention span of people is eight seconds. Experts blame the short attention span on technology. That means businesses only have eight seconds to get the attention of the website visitors. Businesses must ensure that the content of their website engages the visitors within that time frame.


Video animation can keep the attention of the visitors, and at the same time get them to learn more about the business. With the right promotional video production, the video can maintain the attention of the viewer for eight seconds and more. According to studies, an explainer video is watched for nearly three minutes.


A sales video is the best way to convey the message of the brand. A persuasive copy is not enough. Animated explainer videos require good graphics, text, and speech in order to communicate clearly to the viewer. A clear story can make the website visitor relate to it, and that’s one of the reasons why engagement rate is high with video animation.


Animated explainer videos are both verbal and visual. That’s why it appeals to everyone, whether they are visual or verbal learners. And when verbal and visual cues are used, people are able to retain almost half of the information conveyed.


Lastly, animated explainer videos can be shared easily with friends and family. Interesting and funny videos are one of the top shared content on the Internet today. Viral videos are seen by millions of viewers from across the globe. And videos can become viral as long as they have high quality animated video production.


Animated explainer videos are the most cost effective way to capture the attention of potential customers and convey the company’s message. That’s why it is one of the best tools to improve the conversion rates of the business’ landing page.

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