Why Your Business Should Use Animated Explainer Videos?

One of the factors that Google’s algorithm for search rankings considers is the time visitors stay on a website. That’s one of the reasons why a lot of websites now feature online videos, such as animated explainer videos.


Animated videos for business have increased in popularity over the past couple of years because they have been proven effective in engaging visitors. An online video is an excellent marketing tool that helps clarify the objective of the product, improve the sales, and increase the conversion rates.


Keep in mind that animated explainer videos are different from branded videos. The latter provide content that are designed to engage the viewers. While the said videos can be animated, often they are not. Some types of branded videos include online commercials, case studies, and tutorials.


On the other hand, animated explainer videos can feature complex ideas and turn them into viewer friendly package. It allows users to know what the company is about, and why its services and/or products are important. An animated marketing video production can create a video that convey the message of why a business exists.


The animated video production company makes compelling videos that improve memory retention. When the video has been crafted and used correctly, it can be the ideal medium for to provide information because it stimulates both visual and auditory senses at the same time. And with more Internet users watching videos daily, there’s no reason why your company should not have one in your website today.


According to studies, the attention span of Internet users is on a decline. It is harder to make webpage visitors stay through images and text alone. An animated video production can provide you with a video that is catchy and memorable. It will make visitors stay and watch the video until the end. A good animated explainer video can compel visitors to learn more about your products and services, and browse through the different pages of the website.


Videos can engage the website visitors by showcasing the brand, culture, and personality within just a couple of minutes. It keeps the visitor engaged without having any distractions. Through the video, the visitor gets to know more about the people behind the company and the products.


Animated explainer videos can improve your organic SEO, and provide you with better search result ranking. At present, YouTube is the number two search engine on the Internet, and that’s why Google prioritises videos in its search algorithms. When you employ the services of an animation video creation provider, you give your website an SEO boost. Videos are more often seen on the first page of a search result page, with a thumbnail of the video.


And if the previous reasons are not enough to convince you to employ the services of an animated marketing video production, then you should know that explainer videos can increase conversion rates. People are more likely to buy something from the company after viewing the video. That’s why it is vital that you embrace the power of explainer videos today.

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Gary Mason
Gary is the founder and owner at Snappy Sales Video, a Brighton-based video production company, who has a deep obsession with making videos as often as possible and how to optimise websites for brand awareness and conversions.